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Hey babeZ, I’m Betty!

Your GLOW UP bestie!

Are you ready to live your life in COLOR?

If you’re here, then you’re ready… ready to start living your life in color! Meet Betty, your GLOW UP bestie.

I’m so thrilled to begin the mindset shift that starts from within though confidence building one by one, your true self will shine!

With one on one guidance, you will glow up so big that you will start to accomplish goals and desires like never before…

Welcome to

Glow Up

A mindset of great leaders is that they never stop learning.

Life was a journey, is a journey, and will continue to be a journey.

As long as we focus on self healing and digging deep, we will truly become our absolute best selves.

Let me in on your journey to help guide you with steps for GLOWING UP from the inside out.


Making That Mindset Shift


Buidling Your Confidence


Digging Deep


Resetting & Building Your Life

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